Canadian furnace

Canadian heating furnaces, known in Canada and the U.S. as free flow (free flow), it is very convenient and practical. Using the Canadian furnaces – a simple and effective solution to the problems that arise usually with traditional stoves and fireplaces, as in these systems most of the heat in the smoke appears from the chimney of an open fire. 

Canadian furnaces are very beneficial because they allow highly efficient use of the most common types of fuel – wood, peat, wood and other waste. Works on the principle of wood-oven gas generator, that is “the glow of burning.” Fuel is burned completely in two stages. In the first chamber, the process of decay and formation of flue gases, and on the second, these gases after burned to end thanks to the air supply into the secondary chamber.

Wonder stove extremely economical efficiency reaches to 75% of the index. The furnace is that she, through pipes, encircling the firebox, heated and mixed evenly throughout the volume of the air space. Since wood does not burn and smolder, one full tab missing for 6-8 hours or more.

That the oven is not only bestowed the life-giving heat, but also pleasing to the eye, it can be made into a fireplace that complements any interior. A mounting the duct system (air heating), you can heat your entire vacation home. In this case, you get a fast heating of the air in rooms of any possibility of heating the room (during the day – one at night – others), non-volatility, lack of operating costs, and many other obvious advantages.

Area of application is very wide ovens. These are industrial and household premises, shops, workshops, service stations, summer  houses, greenhouses, etc. The furnace can also be used for drying lumber. Particularly relevant to use the oven, where there are no other sources of energy (electricity, district heating, gas) or energy supplied constant.

In our modern world, the energy efficient appliances. We all want to change the expensive electricity heaters with more efficient and cheaper heat sources.

We introduce to you one exclusively original and real solution – the patented Canadian fireplaces, known in Canada and USA as “Free Flow”.

In the first chamber, the fuel does not burns, it just smolder and produce gas.
In the second chamber, the created gas fully burns (100%)
You regulate the heat, by adjusting the air flow in the second chamber.
This way you reach fully burning, or “Pure Burning”. With just one fully charge, the fireplace will work up to 8 hours, which makes the ultrahigh efficient, up to 75% COP (coefficient of performance)
The Canadian fireplaces are built with unique construction: hardened carbon steel, 4mm thick, without analog between other fireplaces with hard fuel. In the burning chambers, there are integrated steel pipes, which suck up cold air under the fireplace, heat it up to 80 degrees and eject it in the room. This way you receive natural convection, without any fans, electricity, and noise.
Cleaning is very easy, because there is almost no waste!
The Canadian fireplaces are made in 6 different sizes: for rooms from 100m3, up to 1300m3, they have countless applications. From rooms with different cubage, to garages, houses, hothouses, working places, schools, halls, restaurants, factories, storages, farms etc. They also could be used as drying machines for wood, herbals, mushrooms, and fruits and vegetables.
For every model and size of the fireplaces, we offer stands made of steel pipes for quick and easy installation.

Superefficient – highest level of COP – 75%!!!
Powerful and fast heating of the air, through natural convection!
Fast and equal heating of rooms from 100 to 1300m3!
Up to 8 working hours with one refill.
Fully electricity independence!
Completely safe!
Fast and easy set up: put it on its stand, connect the smoke pipes and you are ready to go!
Lifetime exploitation – made of hardened carbon steel, 4mm thick!!!
Best price!!! No analog. Good conditions for leasing.
The Canadian fireplaces have all needed certificates, and exploitation manual.

Prices for fireplaces with solid steal door – 6kW to 45kW
Calgary – 100 m3, 6 kW, 7 pipes /66 x 48 x 66 см. / 67kg. 660bgn.
Vancouver – 200 m3, 11 kW, 7 pipes / 74 x 55 x 79 см. / 96 kg. 795bgn.
Montreal – 400 m3, 18 kW, 9 pipes / 85 x 60 x 95 см./ 127 kg. 965bgn.
Quebec – 600 m3, 26 kW, 11 pipes / 90 x 65 x 110 см. / 155kg. 1195bgn.
Toronto – 1000 m3, 35 kW, 14 pipes / 97 x 72 x 133 см./ 218kg. 1390bgn.
Ontario – 1300 m3, 45 kW, 16 pipes / 97 x 72 x 148 см./ 240kg. 1790bgn.
Note: prices are without glass doors!

Prices for steal door with glass window:
+ 50bng/pc for Calgary and Vancouver
+60bgn/pc for Vancouver
+ 70bgn/pc for Montreal
+ 80bgn/pc for Quebec
+ 90bgn/pc for Toronto
+100bgn/pc for Ontario

Prices for steel stands:
Calgary and Vancouver stand – 39bgn.
Montreal and Quebec stand – 49bgn.
Toronto and Ontario stand – 69bgn.
Calgary – 30bgn.
Vancouver – 40bgn.
Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, Ontario – 60bgn.