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Here you will find useful information about our Canadian stove. If you can’t find the info you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us!

Q: Heating multiple rooms with one stove?

A: If you want to heat multiple rooms of apartment or floors of a house, you need additional air ducts, which are mounted over the stove and guide the hot air to the desire locations.

The air ducts could be done with different designs. Here are few of proposals:

  1. The investment is few times less than the investment of stove or fireplace with water system, radiators, pipes and etc.
  2. Mounting price is also much cheaper than the mounting of other heating systems.
  3. Hot air convection heats much faster than the conventional heating systems.

How much does it cost?

Hot air collector:

Made of galvanized sheet metal:

  1. Calgary – 40bng.
  2. Vancouver – 50bgn.
  3. Montreal – 50bgn.
  4. Quebec – 60bgn.
  5. Toronto – 70bgn.
  6. Ontario – 80bgn.

Made of inox:

  1. Calgary – 70bng.
  2. Vancouver – 80bgn.
  3. Montreal – 80bgn.
  4. Quebec – 90bgn.
  5. Toronto – 100bgn.
  6. Ontario – 110bgn.

Air ducts made of galvanized sheet metal: 1m. from 10bgn to 16bgn.

Air ducts made of inox: 1m. from 20bng to 26bgn.

Our team can produce all size and shapes, needed to heat multiple rooms with one stove and do the mounting.

If you already have built fireplace and you don’t want to remove it, we can integrate our stove inside it!

Q: Does really Canadian stoves can burn 8 hours with one load?

A: In the first chamber, the fuel doesn’t burn, it only smolder. In the second chamber the released gasses burn up to 8 hours. You can adjust the temperature by controlling the air flow by the intake valve.

Q: What amount of wood do you need for 8 hours of burning?

A: There are 6 models of stoves with power from 6kwh to 45kwh, so the amount is different. We can find the amount when we find the volume of the stove by multiplying the length by the diameter. Then we devide by 2 (because there are the second burning chamber) and subtract 20% (because of the tubes inside the camber) and we receive the amount we need for 8 hours.

Q: Do I need ventilators for the air ducts?

A: Ventilators are needed only if the path is too long, or the house is bigger than 120sq. m! Contact us for more info!

Q: How do I control the heat?

A: You can control the released heat by adjusting the air flow intake valve positioned on the door of the stove.

Q: What is it made of?

A: The stoves are made of 4mm hardened carbon steel. Every stove comes with a passport from the manufacturer, certificate Euro 1 and warranty of 3 years.

Q: Can I use the stove to heat greenhouse?

A: Yes, you can! Our big models Quebec, Toronto and Ontario are the perfect solution for every greenhouse because:

  • Much cheaper investment!
  • Much more efficient!
  • Easy to mount!
  • We can make free project for your greenhouse!
  • Works without any electricity!
  • Contact us for more info!

Q: Can I use stove to heat up 400sq. m. room with height 5 meters?

A: We need to know that temperature you want to achieve. That way we can calculate is it enough one stove model Ontario (45kwh) or two smaller stoves, because your room is too high. Also we can use a system of air ducts to guide and release the hot air lower in your room.

As a result you receive:

  • Much less investment!
  • Much more efficient!
  • Fast and easy mounting!

For more info contact us!